Kulturbrücke über die Ostsee
Kulturbro over Østersøen


21 artists from Germany and Denmark


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Exhibition venues: Gedser Remise and Rostock's Nikolai Church

Photos: Janet Zeugner



P.ART is an independent cultural initiative consisting of Gudrun Brigitta Nöh, Janet Zeugner and Grit Sauerborn, who founded the initiative. The three of them take part in ÜbergangOvergang as both initiators and artists.

On the Danish side there is the cultural centre MultiCenter Syd in Nykøbing with Espen Brandt-Møller und Allan Axelsen. It is a production school which helps young people between 16 and 25 years to find an orientation concerning education and future employment.

The non-profit womens cultural association of Rostock "Die Beginen" with its secretary Kristin Beckmann is the project executing organization. ÜbergangOvergang is the 3rd collaboration of "Die Beginen" and P.ART.
Information / press release:

ÜbergangOvergang Cultural bridge across the Baltic Sea
August 16th, 2013 September 14th, 2013 in Rostock and Gedser

ÜbergangOvergang is an extraordinary art project which also builds a platform for encounter. It is the first one of this kind and it establishes a direct connection to the most southern entrance to Scandinavia. 21 artists from Denmark and Germany meet each other on this Cultural bridge across the Baltic Sea - Kulturbro over Østersøen.
The artists from Lolland-Falster including the commune Guldborgsund and from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania collectively present their latest artworks at very specific and uncommon places in Rostock and Gedser from the August 16th, 2013 until the September 14th, 2013.
The exhibition venues are Rostocks Nikolai Church, the Gedser remise (the old coach house for trains) and also the former marine station at the southern tip of Denmark.
These places are exemplary for the relations in this region of the Baltic Sea and they have influenced the work of the artists: the sacral atmosphere of the Nikolai Church, the historical background of the remise with all its old railroads and the highly charged political nature of the southern tip of Gedser.
The Danish and German artists have collectively built the cultural bridge across the Baltic Sea over two years and put a lot of effort into it. It symbolizes a way to get to know each other, to exchange thoughts and to discuss the possibilities of art. In the end it makes people pay more attention to the other party and it increases the acceptance on both sides. Therefore the latest artworks reflect the theme ÜbergangOvergang in many different ways, expressed by painting, graphic arts, photography, sculptures and video installation.

On Friday, August 16th, 2013, at 7:00pm the exhibition opening takes place at the Nikolai Church in Rostock. The exhibition allows dialogues between artists and visitors and these dialogues will be continued in the Gedser remise with its early industrial charme and in the former marine station on the southern tip.
The exhibition opening in Gedser will be on Sunday, September 1st, 2013, at 1:00pm.
On August 30th, 2013, at 11:15am there will be a special ferry crossing to Gedser, starting from Rostock Überseehafen. This ferry ride is part of the art project ÜbergangOvergang and both the passengers and all the artists from Germany and Denmark are invited to participate: They will be asked to write their personal messages, so called Bootschaften (a German and Danish wordplay), on boats folded out of paper in order to set them off on their journey.

This border-crossing cooperation project ÜbergangOvergang is supposed to lead to a continuous collaboration and cooperation between artists and other cultural players within the region of the Baltic Sea.

Initiators and project holders in Rostock are the independent cultural initiative P.ART consisting of Gudrun Brigitta Nöh, Grit Sauerborn, Janet Zeugner and the non-profit womens cultural association of Rostock with its secretary Kristin Beckmann.
On the Danish side there is the cultural centre MultiCenter Syd in Nykøbing with Espen Brandt-Møller und Allan Axelsen.
The project has been funded by the New Länder Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the Hanseatic City of Rostock and the commune Guldborgsund. It is sponsored by Scandlines, the Rostock Port Hafen-Entwicklungsgesellschaft Rostock GmbH and several other supporters in both countries.

ÜbergangOvergang cultural bridge across the Baltic Sea

gives the opportunity of bringing people around the Danish coast region of Gedser and around Rostock even closer to each other by using the powers of art. The aim is to know and to get to know more than ferry terminals, Bordershop and shopping areas.
The existing diversity between both regions hides something unique, worthy of discovery. Rostock and Gedser for decades both ports and ferries are closely connected to the international tourist traffic from Berlin to Kopenhagen.
Each year 1.5 million people cross the Baltic Sea by ferry.
Not only people on their holidays or others who love to travel, but also modern working nomads. Hopes, expectations, dreams and some disappointments all wrapped into their baggage. Hence the topic ÜbergangOvergang refers to both the territorial bridge across the Baltic Sea and the contemplation of universal facets of the human existence.

Photo: Janet Zeugner; The artists Annette Czerny and Barbara Wetzel on a historical draisine in Gedser
If you need the German version, please contact us: info@die-beginen-rostock.de
Danish version will be available soon.

Exhibition opening Rostock
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Contact: Rostocker Frauenkulturverein Die Beginen e.V., Kristin Beckmann, Heiligengeisthof 3/Faule Grube, 18055 Rostock, Germany, info@die-beginen-rostock.de, (+49) 381 128 97 97
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